NPCS offers Workshops and Discussion Groups for employers/employees, school administrators, teachers, and students, families, couples and other groups dealing with mental health and expatriate adaptation.

In our Workshop/Discussion Groups, we place the emphasis on shared thinking and understanding, for example, understanding why we see certain attitudes and behaviors and how best to accompany those who are having trouble. The groups aren’t lectures, rather they are guided discussions where participants are encouraged to share their experiences and viewpoints. This makes for a richer and more helpful encounter where the emphasis is on the personal and subjective, rather than providing a particular recipe for “solving” a situation.

Here are our upcoming workshops (so far) :

At the Maison des Etats-Unis :

Saturday, October 12th at 2 PM – Parents, Children, Families, and Adaptation.

Saturday, November 30th at 2 PM – Binational Couples – how can we help our partner and ourselves?