Adult Psychotherapy

People come to psychotherapy for many reasons, but all of them have to do with suffering.

Whether you’re suffering from feelings of sadness, melancholy, or anxiety, or if you’re frustrated with overeating, procrastination, or relationship issues, psychotherapy can help you to gain some clarity about your situation. Most people should have therapy at some point; we all suffer simply because life isn’t easy.

Insight oriented, psychodynamic psychotherapy aims to help you understand your “symptom” (sadness, etc.) not as something to be rid of, like a tumor, but as a sign that something in your life isn’t working. If you have noticed repetition in the ways you behave (always dating the same sort of people, or always overeating at night) or feel (happy at work, sad at home) then most likely there is something occurring for you psychologically that may not be easy to identify. Just because we desire change doesn’t make it easy to change.

When we engage in repetitive patterns of thinking, feeling or behaving, there is a reason for this – a “logical” reason psychologically speaking, though this reason isn’t “logical” to our conscious minds. Why not simply eat less? Why not date better people? Why not just stop constantly worrying?

What we discover in insight-oriented psychotherapy is that you have very good reasons for the repetition. Oftentimes, these reasons began in childhood or adolescence, and continue to exert their pressure today. Once you become conscious of the subtle influences that affect your mood or behavior in daily life, it becomes easier to tolerate not repeating those things that are fundamentally hurtful. Psychological energy can be freed up for creative endeavors and more authentic relationships.