Students from overseas may come to Nantes never before having lived abroad. Others may have never spent an entire school year away from their home country. Many don’t speak French and feel more at ease in English.

Arriving in a foreign country as a student isn’t easy. As much as it’s exciting to come to France to study, it can also be very difficult. There are many services available to help find housing, fill out papers, or even find social events, but if a student is suffering psychologically, it’s not easy for them nor their advisors to get help quickly and easily.

International students don’t know how to navigate the Social Security System in France to get the psychological (or psychiatric) help they need. They don’t have time to travel around the city to go to a psychologist’s office. They won’t make use of the CROUS services, which are only in French (and many of them aren’t covered for these services in any case). There is also the problem of stigma – it can simply be very difficult to ask for psychological help.

Here are some common problems that students encounter:

  • Homesickness and culture shock

  • Language barriers and interpersonal challenges

  • Academic challenges, including difficulty understanding lectures, participating in class discussions, and completing reading/writing assignments

  • Financial difficulties

  • Feeling socially or culturally misunderstood

  • Experience(s) with prejudice

  • Social isolation

  • Discomfort with seeking mental health services

  • A recent loss or family difficulty

Nantes Psychotherapy and Consulting Services offers:

  • On-site (at your school, if possible) individual assessment and psychotherapy sessions for students

  • Small group sessions around a theme concerning adaptation  (homesickness, burnout/stress, isolation)

  • Referral if necessary for psychiatric services (in cases where severe distress may require medicine or hospitalization)

  • Outreach and education on adaptation issues, to destigmatize and facilitate dialogue on mental health.

At Nantes Psychotherapy and Consulting Services we believe there should be no stigma associated with the arduous task of adapting to a foreign country. We hope to make finding appropriate help in Nantes easier for those having trouble with adaptation issues.

School Staff Services – teachers, professors, and administrators

NCPS educates staff and teachers in providing initial intervention for students with mental health needs. Training focuses on (but is not limited to) …

  • Assessment of mental health issues (recognizing depression, suicidal tendencies, or other problems)

  • Supportive listening skills

  • Providing supportive feedback

  • Encouraging professional help

  • Fostering positive and supportive self-care

Nantes Psychotherapy and Consulting Services offers workshops and supervision (in-depth staff support) to develop the above skills for anyone who would like to respond and assist in mental health challenges. No clinical training is required to learn these directives in a small group setting.

NPCS can adapt workshops, conferences, and supervision specific to your institution’s needs. Contact us to learn more.