Cultural Adaptation and Mental Health


NPCS provides training in awareness on cultural adaptation and mental health to schools and businesses that employ or educate expatriates. The following can be adapted to your institution’s needs:

1. Preventive workshops: 

How can I recognize and prevent the frequent difficulties that arise for expatriate employees (or students) in our workplace? 

The preventive workshop helps to establish a workplace environment that encourages dialogue on mental health and cultural adaptation issues, creating a supportive climate that will counteract isolation for your international employees/students.

 Preventive workshops cover the following information: 

  • Why is depression so common in expatriates?

  • The different types of culture shock, and how to recognize them.

  • What is normal adaptation, and what is problematic?

  • How to recognize signs of distress (in others or in one’s self

  • Whom to talk to in case of a problem

  • Self-care for expats

  • Company resources for assistance

2. Mental Health Awareness and Intervention Training

These are an in-depth series of conferences designed for employers and educators to recognize, support, and assist with mental health issues. These sessions can be adapted to your team schedule, however, it’s important to be consistent with meetings to retain the skills learned from one session to the next. No clinical training is required to learn these directives in a small group setting.

Training focuses on (but is not limited to) …

  • Assessment of mental health issues (recognizing depression, suicidal tendencies, or other problems)

  • Supportive listening skills

  • Responding appropriately and helpfully to a person in distress – concrete tools for assisting in a mental health difficulty

  • Encouraging professional help

  • Fostering positive and supportive self-care

This training will enable your school or company to develop a mental health protocol when faced with psychological or psychiatric issues in employees or students. It will be adapted to the particular context of your institution’s needs.