Parent Workshop and Discussion: Back-to-school for Expat Children. 

The Back-To-School edition Parent Workshop/Discussion Group will be held on Saturday, October 12th, 2019 at 2 PM at the Maison des Etats-Unis. 

Whether you are confirmed multi-country expats or have just moved abroad for the first time, a relocation (even in the same country) will have an impact on your children.

Once the school year has truly begun, and the novelty has worn off, many children start to show their parents (and other adults) that things aren’t so easy for them. The initial “high” of a move and the excitement of a fresh start has become everyday and ordinary. This is when children (and adolescents) may begin to have trouble. They may have a change in attitude (anxious, sad, or angry) or have trouble with their friends. Sleep and eating patterns may change, or they have issues with concentrating on school work.

This workshop/discussion is a place for us to meet and talk about how your family is adapting to their new life, whether you moved five years ago or last month. Sometimes a child who was “fine” last year is a pre-adolescent who’s not-so-fine. Maybe the sibling who was having trouble is now the best-adapted and most fluent in French, and now his brother or sister is sad and anxious, or angry and distracted. 

Whatever your situation, this will be an opportunity to listen to each other’s experiences, to understand the attitudes and behaviors of your children (and yourself), and to get feedback on how to help your babies, young children, and adolescents adjust throughout the coming year. It’s an opportunity to make friends with other new and not-so-new families who have lived through similar changes.

The workshops are free, thanks to the generosity of the Mariette Cassourret at the Maison des Etats-Unis. 


If you would like more information, you may contact me directly by phone or email.