Expat Mental Health❯

At Nantes Psychotherapy and Consulting Services (NPCS) we believe there should be no stigma associated with the arduous task of adapting to a foreign country.

Mental Health Workshop❯

NPCS provides training in awareness on cultural adaptation and mental health to schools and businesses that employ or educate expatriates.

International Students❯

Arriving in a foreign country as a student isn’t easy. At Nantes Psychotherapy and Consulting Services we help those having trouble with adaptation issues.

Psychotherapy and counselling for Children, Adolescents, Adults; Students and Temporary Residents Supervision and Consulting for Educators and Employers

There are many anglophones in Nantes; and non-maternal tongue anglophones who nevertheless feel more at home in English than in French. Until now, psychological help for this community has been available primarily in Paris, or over the internet.

Nantes Psychotherapy and Consulting Services

Supervision and Consulting Services (in English or French):

Services for employers and educators who work with the expat community

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What is psychotherapy ❯

Psychotherapy is effective for a broad range of issues including relationship difficulties, depression, fears and anxiety, motivational problems, life transitions, stress, emotional trauma, sexual problems, psychosomatic difficulties, and eating disorders or addictions.

Cara Goubault ❯

Cara Goubault is an American expat who has lived in France since 1998. Initially trained as a psychotherapist in the United States, she obtained a second master’s degree in France in Clinical Psychology, from the Université de Rennes 2.

Cara has been providing psychotherapy to children, adolescents, and adults for over 25 years both in France and in the United States. Read More❯